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Puppies need to be exposed to many different people; animals and environments, including noises for effective puppy training. This should be done from 6 weeks till about 26 weeks before they have a “fear period” possibly due to hormone changes. At classes we try to encourage owners to use praise and rewards, which include pleasant voices, gentle handling, treats that the dog enjoys and games the dog wants to play.  We also try to encourage a strong bond between puppy and owner.

  • Basic obedience

  • Puppy recall and other problems

  • Socialisation

  • Clicker training

Our puppy training takes place on Tuesday evenings in Rake near Liphook, Hants.

"Always remembered you as a very good trainer with attention to detail and groundwork."


- Jacky Simpson

Lynette Irwin is a qualified dog trainer with years of experience to offer your dog professional training. Whether it is gundog training or general grooming for your pet, you can completely trust her.

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Puppy socialising training in Midhurst

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Posh Dogs with Lynette Irwin in Midhurst

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We are unable to run any indoor classes due to Corvid V

One to one clicker training at your own garden may be available