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Generally Poodle Crosses have Poodle coats, and in most cases these are crossed with other breeds that have thick coats, so this means your dog will probably have a thick poodle coat that requires special attention. Poodle Crosses need grooming every 6 weeks. Without regular clipping or scissoring their coats grow longer and thicker, so can easily mat. These mats cannot be groomed out, which can be cruel to the dog. Choose Posh Dogs in Midhurst for Poodle Cross dog grooming to make sure your pooch looks gorgeous all year round!

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Pups with a top coat and undercoat sometimes get matted but conditioner can help to separate the mats, however this is not always possible with the wool coats. Poodle Crosses look better fluffy, but they are often matted at the skin which is uncomfortable for the dog . it is impossible to groom this matting out so it is necessary  to use a much shorter blade than I would like, but I do try to leave them as long as possible. These pups will be back to their cute, fluffy selves soon as it only takes 6 weeks to grow the healthy coat back.


I have had very bad  cases in the past, with back legs matted together so that the dog has urine burns and mats with sores underneath on the skin - don't let your Poodle Cross get to this stage, please call me for advice.


I have quite a few dogs whose owners brush and comb them, and have learned how to care for them in between trims to keep them clean and comfortable. These dogs can be left longer with a lovely and fluffy coat, rather than dreadlocks.


Unfortunately when breeders sell puppies they don't all explain the work and cost that is be required for Poodle Cross grooming. When I first started grooming, Old English Sheepdogs were popular, but they were very hard to keep in full coat so most ended up being clipped down and did not resemble the breed at all.

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