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"My foundation bitch was Glidesdown Bumble from Bill and Wyn Garrod. She was a wonderful introduction to the breed, being happy to train and work and also gave me

plenty of success in the ring gaining a first at Crufts and a Reserve Challenge Certificate. She was mated to Casuarina Pohutukawa producing Bumblyn Dolly Varden who was foundation bitch for Jane and Brian Perring of Gadfly. She was then mated to CH Shargleam Kestrel producing Bumblyn Fancy Day. I now have five generations of Bumblyn bitches in my present dogs."

Bumblyn Sweet Rocket

Black bitch

Eyes: clear Feb 2013 unaffected

Hips: 2:2  

RD: clear

Patella: clear

Large bitch - very soft natured and biddable - has picked up well - quiet and soft mouthed - likes to range outside Guy Fawkes dam Bumblyn Morannon

  • Shooting Dog Certificate

  • 3rd Junior Bournemouth Championship

  • 1st Any Other Variety Retriever Bitch Gamekeepers classes Crufts 2012

(Photo courtesy of Hayley Tomlinson - "Rainesgift")

Bumblyn Red Kite

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Bumblyn Flatcoated Retrievers owned by Lynette Irwin




Flatcoated Retriever breeder in Midhurst

A black flat coated Retriever named Rush

Liver bitch

Eyes: clear 2011

Hips: 3:3

Patella: clear

Small - very soft natured - very keen picker up and excellent game finder

  • Reserve Junior Bournemouth Championship Show

  • 1st Yearling LKA Championship Show

  • VHC Graduate LKA Championship Show

  • Reserve Special Junior Crufts 2011

  • 3rd Graduate Flatcoated Retriever Championship Show

  • Reserve Special Liver Flatcoated Retriever Championship Show

  • 3rd Post Graduate Richmond Championship Show

A black flat coated Retriever named Kite

Black bitch

Shooting Dog Certificate "A"

Eyes: clear

Hips: 3:3

RD: clear

Patella: clear


Small, fast worker: picks up regularly - steady and quiet - close hunter - excellent on partridges

  • 2nd Puppy Test Utility Gundog Society

  • 3rd Special Puppy Test Hampshire Gundogs

  • 1st Unclassified Novice Arun and Downland Gundog Society

  • 2nd Unclassified Water Picnic Novice Test Hampshire Gundogs

  • Reserve Puppy Bournemouth Championship Show (Judge Brenda Phillips)

Bumblyn Witch Hazel

A black flat coated Retriever named Witch


Liver bitch

Eyes: clear

Very soft natured girl - comes to life in the field - excellent game finder

  • 3rd Isle of Wight Gundog Novice Test

  • 3rd Utility Gundog Society Novice Test

  • 2nd Hampshire Gundog Society Water Test

  • 1st Minor Puppy Bitch Flatcoated Retriever Society Show

  • 1st Puppy Richmond Championship Show

  • Reserve Graduate Bournemouth Championship Show

  • 2nd Graduate Crufts

Bumblyn Bree

A chocolate flat coated Retriever named Breeze


Black bitch

Eyes: cert. clear

Hips: 3:3

Patella: clear


A very sweet girl with a sense of humour.

  • Reserve Yearling Flatcoat Championship Show 2005 (Judge Brian Izzard)

  • 3rd Graduate Flatcoat Championship Show 2006 (Judge Brenda Philips)

  • Shooting Dog certificate

  • 3rd Novice test Utility Gundog Society

  • 4th with Bree Brace test Arun and Downland Gundog Society

  • 1st Unclassified Novice Water Test Hampshire Gundogs

  • 4th Novice Utility Gundog Society

Bumblyn Morannon

A black flat coated Retriever named Moa


Bumblyn Lovage

A black flat coated Retriever named Plover 1

Plover - Bumblyn Lovage

Black bitch


Hips: 2:0

Elbows: 0:0

A very biddable, keen worker, lovely to live with and a great sense of humour


  • K.C Good Citizen Scheme - Bronze and Silver

  • Full marks at Arun and Downland Competitive Training Puppy Class August 2014 at 8 months

  • V.H.C. Puppy Bitch Bournemouth Championship Show August 2014

  • 3rd Puppy Bitch Richmond Championship Show September 2014